I love to tell stories. 

I love reading stories. Stories take us to other worlds, other times and other places. They give words and voice to things we have been unable to speak, articulate and explain. Stories connect people through shared experiences, shared longings and shared dreams. We may have different world views and we may come from different and diverse places, but we all agree that our journey, our story that we are sojourners on , is meaningful.  It may, at times, be imperfect yet it is a story told within the context of a love that comes without ceasing from the heart of God.

My life is one big story. 

Pages and chapters filled with second chances, heartache, hope, gumption, imperfection, extraordinary faith, unconditional love, passion, possibilities and joy. 

It is a love story.

A love story between an orphaned baby and a loving Father. A Father who so divinely orchestrated a plan for this baby to have a new name, a new home and a future that can only be called miraculous. Undoubtedly, HIS story within Her story. A story that could only have come from God. My story is meant to inspire those to be courageous, to be passionate, to never give up, and to always, always believe that God will never leave or forsake them.

Here are a few chapters of my life that I love to share:

  • Adoption

    • Longing for Belonging

    • A New Name

    • Reunion with My Biological Mother

  • Today is Not Your Forever

    • Depression

    • Attempted Suicide

    • Divorce

    • Relationships

  • A Father's Love: A Story that Changed My Life Forever

  • The Power of Prayer

  • My Story:  A Testimony of the Faithfulness of God

  • That's a Wrap!: The Surprising Life Lessons I Learned as a Reporter and as a TV Host 

  • Women that Made a Difference in My Life: Snapshots of Women that Helped Me on My Journey

  • Men that Made a Difference in My Life: Snapshots of Men who have Helped Me on My Journey

  • The Church at its Best

  • The Importance of Community

  • I am also happy to tailor any of my stories to your specific topics or audience needs