Hope and Cheer

Psalm 94:19
When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.
I’ve gotta be honest.
I’ve been doubting a lot this past year.
Doubting that as I get older, ( I just celebrated another Birthday in a decade that I haven’t been to fond of) I won’t be as relevant or ‘cool’ to my millenial friends and colleagues.
Doubting that my cyclical issues won’t continue to haunt me for the next decade.
Doubting that I’ll never get out of debt.
Doubting that my dreams will never be fully realized or accomplished and that I’ll have regrets on my death bed.
I know it sounds depressing … but I just want to be honest with you and really .. honest with myself.
So, as I look forward to this new season (albeit scary) in my life ( I just left a great organization just over a month ago .. with no 'real' job to go to!) with endless possibilities, I hang on to the words in Psalm  94:19 that says God’s comfort will give me renewed hope and cheer even when doubts fill my mind.
I love that.
God will comfort me when I’m distressed, stressed out, out-of-my-mind with worry, worried about my future and finances – His comfort will give me renewed hope and cheer.
I love Cheer.
I was a Cheerleader when I was in junior high and in high school and so cheering just comes so natural to me. “Go Team Go!”
And yes, I’ve realized that I need more cheer in my life – those who will cheer me on to keep going when I fail or fall down – and I need to cheer others on through their hardships and happy times. We all need CHEER!
I need more Hope.
Hope that speaks out the best in myself and others. Hope that when I let God take control of my life and ‘all things,’ things are better, manageable because in and of myself I can’t do it all .. and when I let Him take control .. somehow there’s a peace I feel, a joy that gives me strength and a love that can endure forever.
So there it is. My ‘Almost-the-end-of-year-just-after-my-birthday’ resolution. That when doubts fill my mind, I will look to God for his comfort and assurance and know that He will give me renewed HOPE and CHEER.
And with that said .. ‘Go Girlfriends!’ .. ‘You can do it! CHEER ON!